How does payroll manage both Roth 457 and Pre-Tax 457 plans options?

The plan is offered through one payroll slot with the employer. Both Roth and Pre-Tax contributions are included on a single billing statement. Contributions are deducted on a pre-tax and on a post-tax basis for the Roth option

How long does it take to implement the plan?

The plan is implemented within 3-5 business days from the date the documents have been signed. Once employees have been enrolled, Buckeye Deferred Comp will coordinate future billing with your payroll department.

How is the plan communicated to employees?

Materials are made available via hard copy and electronically to all employees. Additionally, a representative will make presentations to the appropriate departments to explain the features and benefits. We will work with the employers to find appropriate times to present to employees.

What is the process for scheduling reviews?

On-site reviews are conducted on a semi-annual basis. Buckeye will contact the employer to find a suitable date/time for on-site reviews. However, we welcome participants to call us directly with any questions.

A 457(b) plan is not subject to the age 59 1/2 withdrawal rule. This means there is no 10% penalty for early withdrawal at retirement or upon termination of employment. Note: This benefit applies only to public (governmental) plans. Private plan participants generally will pay federal income taxes when funds are made available to them. They may, however, defer receiving funds and instead be taxed when they actually take a distribution.