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The Buckeye Deferred Comp Plan has been available since 2004 and has been adopted by over 50 Ohio municipalities and now has been adopted by the Ohio Association of Public Treasurers (OAPT). The goal and the mission of the OAPT deferred compensation plans are to ensure that they are customized to help fit the long-term financial goals of all participants.

  • Traditional (pre-tax) and Roth (post-tax) investment options available in all platforms
  • Administered at Buckeye Deferred Comp
  • Automatic rebalancing of investments available at no cost to participant
  • Online access including quarterly statements with market commentary
  • Face to face enrollments and coordination with entire financial portfolio
  • Colonial Life partnership
  • Exclusive access to Nationwide group health plan directed at municipalities
  • Estate planning review
  • Life insurance review

Colonial Life and Nationwide are not affiliated with The Lincoln Investment Companies, nor any of its represenatitives


  • Semi-annual reviews for all departments
  • Retirement planning workshops and no-cost retirement analysis for all participants age 50 and over.

The OAPT Deferred Compensation Plan is being offered to employees of member communities as an alternative to, not a replacement for, the Ohio Deferred Compensation Plan. There are several features available to OAPT member communities not currently offered through the Ohio Deferred Compensation Plan:

  • Traditional (pre-tax) and Roth (post-tax) contributions.
  • Loan provisions.
  • 76 mutual fund families with top tier funds that cover every major investment category.
  • Retirement analysis offered to participants age 50 and over.

The Lincoln Investment family of companies nor any of its representatives is affiliated with the Ohio Deferred Compensation plan or OAPT Deferred Compensation Plan, and the Ohio Deferred Compensation plan or OAPT Deferred Compensation Plan does not sponsor, authorize or endorse the retirement educational services described in this or other communications of Lincoln Investment.